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    Brooklyn apartment hunting tips that will save you money and time

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    Brooklyn apartment hunting tips that will save you money and time

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    Finding a place to live in one of the biggest cities in the world is everything but easy. Especially if you need an affordable place. Usually, in New York City, affordable means small. Manhattan is a perfect example of that. If you need a bigger place, you’ll have to pay way lot more. This is, generally, one of the main reasons why people are moving to more affordable boroughs of NY. One name pops up very often as, possibly, the best alternative. It’s Brooklyn. There are many options in Brooklyn that will not strike your wallet that hard. But you will need to know how to look for them. The best would be to learn a couple of Brooklyn apartment hunting tips that will save you money and time.

    Brooklyn apartment hunting tips

    Brooklyn can be a very interesting and pleasant place to be no matter who you are. After all, it’s a part of NYC with highly diverse neighborhoods and people as well. Families with kids will find it to be really children friendly considering it’s a highly urban area. Also, young couples and young professionals are swarming this place because it’s a great alternative to overcrowded Manhattan. Not to mention the great number of students enjoying the historical, cultural, and artistic aspect of this unique borough. That said, there are many ways to make the transition to Brooklyn as painless as possible. And, one of them would be to hire a company like Capital City Movers NYC to make the things smooth. But, before you do this, there is a couple of tips to consider when looking for the apartment.

    Wonderful neighborhood with tree line in NY.

    Brooklyn has great family-friendly neighborhoods.

    Set your budget right when looking for an apartment

    Searching for an apartment without a realistic budget calculation is like chasing a rabbit. Generally, it would be pointless to waste your time looking for luxury apartments only to realize you can’t afford them. So, do your research right. There are many ways to search online to have a better picture of price ranges. Also, you can inform yourself about the sizes, special requirements, or particular regulations if there are any. Normally, you would want a place that costs no more than 30% of your monthly income. This is the way people usually calculate their options. You don’t want to sign a contract only to figure out you can’t keep up with it. In fact, that is a terrible mistake since you can’t break the contract. At least, not without further damaging your budget. Additionally, don’t forget you will need to find reliable help for your relocation.

    Two girls, roommates, hugging in NY.

    After all, finding a roommate is a good way to lower your expenses

    Don’t trust everything you read or hear when hunting for an apartment

    Most definitely, you will come across attractive apartment listings and advertisements when searching for a place. In fact, there is a chance you will find offers that are too good to be the truth. Unfortunately, this is a sure sign something is not right. No matter how much we wish it’s valid, in reality, it’s usually a scam. Or, in the best case, false advertising. So, pay attention to specific language and words that advertisers are using. For example, “luxury” and “affordable” don’t usually fit together. It’s a wide term and can mean anything. Also, cozy, unique, and charming, most likely means it’s an incredibly small place with a weird layout. Another thing, if something is missing in the description, it often means it doesn’t exist. Just be careful when picking the apartment, and if you hear a word pests, better check it twice.

    City streets with snow in winter.

    Apartment hunting in winter can be a smart move.

    See the Brooklyn with your own eyes

    Of course, when doing your apartment hunting, you will check out each place yourself. But, don’t just stop there. Explore the area around the potential apartment. This way you can gather a lot of useful info before deciding to move. Are there enough amenities around? Is the neighborhood walkable, or you will need a car? How many parking lots are around? Where are schools, parks, and attractions? Will it be possible to commute without problems? These are just some of the questions which are very important if you plan to live there. In fact, they can greatly influence your everyday living so they are not to be underestimated.

    Take pictures when exploring

    You can have the best memory in the world but you can bet you will forget something. Especially after checking out dozens of apartments in just a few days. To avoid this, it’s best to take pictures of every place you think you might consider renting. Additionally, you can take notes about apartments to remember what you were thinking about each place. You want your large bed to fit in the room, and to be sure it can pass the doors. Also, you can take pictures of the outside. You will already be checking the area so why not?

    Brooklyn apartment hunting tips about gathering the paperwork on time

    Dealing with the paperwork is the most boring and painful part of your apartment hunting. You should prepare it in advance. Otherwise, you will end up in a complete mess if you need to do it all at once. Moreover, having your papers ready is necessary if you don’t want to miss that “special” opportunity you come across. Many landowners won’t even negotiate with you if you don’t have your paperwork ready. Usually, you will need:

    • Recent paystubs
    • Tax returns in written
    • Credit cards report
    • Copy of your ID, passport, or driver’s license
    • List of personal and professional references
    • Additional documents if using a guarantor

    Finally, you should be ready to compromise. Brooklyn apartment hunting tips can be very helpful in your apartment hunting journey. However, finding an ideal place is far from reality. You should always leave some place for adaptation. Whether it is finding a roommate, or give up a couple of things, it’s a completely normal thing to expect.

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