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    Binding estimate explained

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    Binding estimate explained

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    Moving costs can give us a lot of headaches, unfortunately. This is the reason why should you understand in advance what you are paying and what is included in the price. There are two main types of moving estimates – binding and non-binding? What is the difference and what is a binding estimate? Know moving terminology before hiring movers and signing the moving contract.

    What is a binding estimate?

    When the mover guarantees a fixed cost estimate based on the approximate weight of your items you want to move – is called the binding moving estimate. If you agree with that estimate, that will be the final price for relocation. Keep in mind that you won’t pay any less either, but on the other hand, you won’t pay more too.

    Getting a binding estimate.

    Before moving, get estimate for a couple of different moving companies and prepare a budget

    It is an advantage because a mover won’t over-charge and there is no need to worry about that. But, make sure you are getting a fair moving estimate. This is why it is important to get an estimate from a couple of moving companies, so you won’t be a victim of moving scammers.

    If you want to save money, you can always try to negotiate with local movers and get a better deal on your relocation. There are other ways to cut moving costs, such as moving fewer items, moving off-season, getting free packing materials, etc.

    What is the case if you want to move more items on a moving day? In that case, you and your mover must agree to abide by the original binding estimate or, another solution is to get a new estimate (binding or non-binding).


    Moving can be expensive, set a budget and know how much money you can spend

    Nonbinding estimate

    A nonbinding estimate is an opposite situation when it comes to moving costs. Of course, in both situations, you need to create a moving budget and to know in advance how much money you can spend on upcoming relocation.

    Simply said, it is a quote based on the weight and it is not a final estimate. You can pay less or more on a moving day depending on the size of your move. If this is the only type a moving company offer to customers, it may be a red flag, because you should always have different options to choose from. You can end up paying a way too high price, but of course, it always depends on the actual weight.

    Always choose a reliable moving company

    No matter what type of moving estimate will you chose, the key is to hire a moving company that is reliable, reputable, and experienced. Check their license, insurance, and verify them. The USA has many movers, and it may be intimidating to choose one. Always check them on FMCSA’s website too, they have a database of all licensed movers.

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