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    Best Texas neighborhoods for newcomers from New York

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    Best Texas neighborhoods for newcomers from New York

    On July 1, 2021, Posted by , In Moving tips, With No Comments

    The Lone Star State is slowly becoming one of the most popular states to live in. On average, 1,000 people move to Texas every day and when you look at the nation’s fastest-growing cities, 5 out of 11 are in Texas. If you are looking to relocate from New York, Texas might be a perfect choice for you. When you check our list of Texas neighborhoods for newcomers from New York, you will be convinced to pack your bags and book a one-way flight.

    Reasons to move to Texas

    What is so good about Texas that it drew Elon Musk, Chris Bosh, and Joe Rogan to buy a property in Texas and move their lives there? Here are just some of the reasons that will put Texas at the top of your “move-to” list.

    Alamo - Spanish fortress from the 18th century
    There is so much to see in Texas and Alamo is one of the historical landmarks you simply have to visit.
    • Job market – There are over 1,000 jobs added on a daily basis and the number keeps rising. If you are from the tech, oil, healthcare, or aerospace sector, you are almost certain to find a job easily. Texas also offers very strong and competitive wages.
    • Low taxes and cost of living – Texas doesn’t have an income tax and other taxes are very low too. That is one of the things that make the cost of living a lot cheaper than in other parts of the US, especially New York. For example, housing is 55% cheaper here than in NY.
    • People and food – Texas is the state that first comes to mind when you think of world-famous Southern hospitality. Even people in big cities are extremely friendly and community-oriented. When it comes to eating – the food scene is very diverse and you can taste delicacies from every part of the globe.
    • Always something to do – Texas has a great climate so you can enjoy different outdoor activities throughout the whole year. You can always find something to do regardless if you are single or family-oriented. Various museums, historical landmarks, theaters, etc. – it seems like there is always something new to see.

    What are the best Texas neighborhoods for newcomers from New York?

    You have the whys but now comes the hard part – where? There are so many great Texas neighborhoods for newcomers from New York it seems very difficult to choose. For instance, the experienced team from would definitely recommend South Austin as a perfect one to move to.

    Texas offers something for everyone and we’re sure you’ll be able to find a perfect neighborhood for you in some of the three cities we’ve listed below.


    Austin has perfect Texas neighborhoods for newcomers from New York.
    Austin is one of the most exciting and diverse cities in Texas.

    The capital of Texas is booming! Not only that people are massively moving to Austin but a lot of Fortune 500 companies have found their home there. With an average of 300 sunny days per year, great music, and amazing food, Austin is definitely a place to consider moving to. Depending on what you want, there are different neighborhoods you can consider:

    South Austin

    South Austin is definitely one of the best Texas neighborhoods for newcomers from New York because it offers something for everyone. Places like Barton Creek Greenbelt and Lady Bird Lake are perfect if you enjoy spending time outdoors. If you love good music, you have to check Austin City Limits and SXSW. You can also find award-winning restaurants and amazing cafes and so much more – you would never be bored.

    If you decide to move to South Austin but you brought extra stuff and need additional storage space, make sure you find the right facility to safely store them. The experienced teams will provide you with top-notch service and will store your belongings in the safest and most efficient way.


    Cherrywood is a charming neighborhood in East Austin. It is also known as “The French Place”. As it is very close to the University of Texas campus, it is filled with youthful energy. What makes Cherrywood a great choice for anyone is that not only that it’s close to business and tech centers, trendy restaurants, and bars, it is also peaceful, residential heaven and a perfect place to raise a family.


    Ferris wheel in Houston
    Young or old – Houston has something to offer for you. Fun is guaranteed for everyone!

    If you think you might feel homesick, don’t worry – Houston is one of the places New Yorkers feel at home. It is the largest city in Texas. Also, it’s one of the most diverse cities in the world – 145 languages are spoken there. If Houston is the city you’ve chosen, here are the neighborhoods you might consider:


    Want to leave the city but still have all city perks close enough? Memorial is the neighborhood for you. It’s a perfect combination of urban and suburban. It offers cozy and quiet home life with forested surroundings and a lot of recreation parks. This makes it ideal for families. If you are not such a big fan of peace and quiet, there are a lot of bars and restaurants. If you enjoy shopping, you’ll spend most of your time at Memorial City Mall.

    Museum District

    Museum District is the heart of Houston and the city’s artistic and cultural center. If you are arts and history lover – this is a perfect place for you as it is home to 19 museums. It is also known for Hermann Park which is perfect for long walks and jogging. It also has a golf course and an outdoor theater. The best part about this neighborhood is that it is in close proximity to all the best that Houston has to offer.


    Dallas has always been an attractive place to live in. Throughout history, it’s been popular among both young and old and it has kept its popularity to this day. It offers a lot of job opportunities and there is always something to do – for party people as well as nature lovers. You just need to pick the right neighborhood for yourself:


    Lakewood is a neighborhood in East Dallas with lovely restaurants, cafes, and shops. If you are an outdoor type – White Rock Lake is the place you’ll be spending the most of your time. It is also perfect for families as there are a lot of parks and it is one of the safest neighborhoods in Dallas. Plus, your children will have access to quality education as Lakewood is home to award-winning elementary schools.


    If you are more into hip and trendy, urban neighborhoods and you don’t like to stay in, Uptown is the place for you. It is one of the most pedestrian-friendly parts of Dallas. It is home to many young professionals as it is very close to business centers. Uptown offers endless dining, shopping, and drinking options so you’ll have something new to try every day. On the other hand, it is not really suitable for families.

    Which neighborhood will you choose?

    If you feel that living in New York is challenging for you and with all the reasons above in mind, moving to Texas sounds like a no-brainer decision. If you move to Texas, guarantee you won’t regret it as it offers something to everyone. We hope we helped you pick one of Texas neighborhoods for newcomers from New York that suits all of your needs.

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