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    Best Queens neighborhoods for retirees

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    Best Queens neighborhoods for retirees

    On October 19, 2020, Posted by , In Moving tips, By , , With No Comments

    In case you want to know all about the best Queens neighborhoods for retirees and you want to move to a new home, then this article is just what you have been looking for. Here, you will find more information on some of the neighborhoods in the Queens borough of New York City that elderly people like. We hope that this information will be meaningful for you in the future, or in the present moment. All these neighborhoods in this part of New York City are absolutely breathtaking.

    Jamaica Estates – number one among the best Queens neighborhoods for retirees

    The first neighborhood in Queens on our list is the Jamaica States. This place is well known for its beautiful architecture. It has many houses that are built in Tudor style which is something that many people love. Importantly, this is an ideal part of the city for retirees. It has everything that they need. In addition, it is peaceful and can bring you privacy and more space than some other neighborhoods. Also, it is very safe. Jamaica Estates is a neighborhood that has big houses and yards. For elderly people who want to spend their golden years relaxing, this is definitely one of the best places they can move to. However, you must know that houses in Jamaica Estates are not cheap at all. On the contrary, they are very expensive. But, considering all things mentioned, they are worth all the money that you are paying.

    Forrest Hills is one of the excellent Queens neighborhoods for elderly people

    The second Queens neighborhood that is suitable for elderly people is Forest Hills. This place is also safe. Moreover, it has beautiful parks. When housing prices are in question, you can choose from cheaper options to very expensive ones. For these reasons, Forest Hills is always a good choice. Moving there can bring you peace and safety. We recommend you to hire a professional moving company in case you choose Forest Hills for your new home. Make no mistake, professional movers like IPS NYC Movers can make your whole relocation process less stressful and faster. They will know exactly what they need to do in order to be practical. But, you should choose your movers wisely. Ask your friends and relatives if they know some reliable moving company that is also affordable. 

    Forest Hills is one of Queens neighborhoods with beautiful houses.

    You have many housing options in Forrest Hills.


    Moreover, there is the Bellrose neighborhood in Queens that is a good choice for the ones who have retired and want to live a peaceful life. This neighborhood is safe and away from the crowds. Interestingly, houses in Bellerose have beautiful backyards that are private. And that is why so many people choose to relocate there. If you also want to move to Bellerose in Queens, you should start with creating your moving checklist. This will prevent you from forgetting something in all the chaos that is inevitable when it comes to any moving process. You can use your planner or any kind of notebook or paper to write everything down that you want to take with you to your new place

    Chairs and tables with tea cups and plates in a garden.

    Houses in Bellerose have amazing backyards where people who have retired can enjoy with their loved ones.


    The next neighborhood in Queens that retirees like moving to is Glendale. There are many reasons why so many people choose this place for their new home. One of those things is the safety that this neighborhood offers to its residents. Then, it is worth mentioning that Glendale has many large grocery stores with a wide range of products. It also has parks that are ideal for spending some quality time in nature. If you decide to move to Glendale in Queens, you should get rid of all the things that you no longer want. For that purpose, you can organize a yard sale. But, keep in mind that you have to be extra careful because of the current situation with the coronavirus global pandemic. Use hand sanitizer and wear a face mask all the time. And do not let people who are not wearing face masks to come near you. When your yard sale is over, make sure to donate the things that you could not sell. 

    Park during autumn.

    Glendale is a neighborhood in Queens that has amazing parks where elderly people can walk and relax.

    Long Island City

    Also, this is a great place in Queens for the ones who have retired. Long Island City offers numerous options to all people who decide to relocate there. If your move is local, then everything will be much easier and faster in your case. For example, you will not have to spend so much on your relocation since your final destination is relatively close to your current place.

    Bayside is one of the great Queens neighborhoods for retirees

    Then we have Bayside. This neighborhood in this part of New York City is well known for having low taxes on properties. If you love tasting new food, you will be glad to find out that Bayside has many excellent restaurants with various kinds of food. Also, you can find many interesting things to buy. Importantly, this neighborhood is more affordable when it comes to housing prices and rents. For all of these reasons, many people are moving there when they retire. In case you opt for this place, you should start providing cardboard boxes for packing your belongings. This does not mean that you have to spend more money on buying completely new ones. You can always reuse the cardboard boxes that you keep in your basement. The same goes for paper, scissors, tape, and all the other packing materials that you will need when relocating.

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