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    Best NYC locations to open a Middle Eastern restaurant

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    Best NYC locations to open a Middle Eastern restaurant

    If you have a plan to move to the States and open a restaurant, then New York is the best place for you. You see all the successful restaurants are here, all the best ones. If you make it here you can make it anywhere in the world. But, that also means that it’s not easy to be successful in NYC. There is a lot of competition and you need to check it out before opening a place of your own. Middle Eastern food is very specific and different from American cuisine but it’s likable and if you advertise it right and with a bit of luck you can be quite successful.  Thus, if you want to offer a genuine Middle Eastern experience to your customers, here are the best NYC locations to open a Middle Eastern restaurant.

    Moving from the Middle East to the USA

    If you are for example moving from Kuwait to New York, first of all, you need to research all the differences between the two countries. Then you need to figure out how to make that traditional Kuwait food and specialties in the states. Find a way to have all the authentic spices from your home. If they don’t exist in the states, find a way to import them. You don’t want the food that tastes similar, you want it to be authentic so bring everything you might need for that to happen from Kuwait with you. Kuwait-based experts can assist you and then you can do it.

    A dish served at a Middle Eastern restaurant.

    If you think opening a Middle Eastern restaurant in NYC we say – go for it!

    The help you will need

    In order to relocate, you will be needing some sort of help. Usually, that means hiring professional movers like Especially if you need some specialty items like kitchen equipment to bring with you. So make sure to call them and talk in more detail about your upcoming relocation.

    Locations that might be good for your Middle Eastern restaurant

    New York is a big city and there is plenty of room for your Middle Eastern restaurant but you need to be careful. Not many people get a second chance if they don’t get it right from the first time. So do thorough research before choosing one of the best NYC locations to open a Middle Eastern restaurant. New York has five boroughs – Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, and Staten Island. Every one of them can be a good place for you if you do some research, check the demand, check out the competition, and such things.


    Let’s get one thing clear – rent will not be cheap. You will need anywhere from an average of $300,000 for a small charming restaurant and it can go up to $10 million for a four-star establishment. The Bronx is a fast-growing neighborhood but there isn’t much demand for Middle Eastern cuisine. That can mean that you should avoid this part of town or it can mean that you won’t have such a big competition and you can actually make it here better than in any other part of the town. It’s up to you. If you invest in marketing, yourself, and your restaurant you can make it here just fine.

    Brooklyn is one of the best NYC locations to open a Middle Eastern restaurant

    This can be a perfect place for you. This part of the town is very popular amongst hipsters and millennials and they do love to try exotic new food. Of course, the competition here is a bit bigger but if you make it authentic and unique this will probably be the best place for your Middle Eastern restaurant.

    Brooklyn, one of the best NYC locations to open a Middle Eastern restaurant

    Brooklyn might be the best choice for you and your restaurant.


    If you are looking to open a fancy restaurant then this is where you want to go. Manhattan is full of the world’s best restaurants and maybe yours can be one of them. Are you ambitious enough? For a small, charming, and authentic vibe kind of restaurant, we suggest you stick to Brooklyn but for an upscaled taste of the Middle East with a fancy restaurant Manhattan is the place to be. Just make sure to research competition in the street you will be opening a place. You don’t want to open next to another similar restaurant, you will look like a copycat even though you are not.


    This was a rough part of the town once upon a time but it’s getting more popular every year. Some even call it “the new Brooklyn” and that’s why you should check it out because it can be the perfect place for your restaurant. There is a place for this neighborhood to grow and improve still and if you establish here now in a few years when this is an upscale neighborhood you will profit from that. So give this neighborhood a chance.

    Queens Long Island

    This won’t be an easy choice for you but you will do a lot of research and you will pick the best spot for your business.

    Staten Island

    There are some popular middle Eastern restaurants here but if yours is better then it won’t matter. If you plan on opening a restaurant soon you need certain certificates, permits, and licenses from various city and state agencies, including the Health Department. That rule is for Staten Island but it also applies to any other part of New York so make sure to acquire them in time.

    Who can help you to choose the best location

    You didn’t grow up here and you don’t know this city yet so it’s best to ask for help. Hiring a real estate agent will help you to find the perfect place and maybe even to get a better price. We did warn you about the prices here, but know that it might be worth paying all that money for rent when your Middle Eastern restaurant grows more successful each month. Yes, you will be spending a lot, but you will be earning a lot so it’s worth taking the risk. You cant be successful without taking some risks.

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