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    Best New York City suburbs for 2022

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    Best New York City suburbs for 2022

    In case you want to relocate to a new home this year with your loved ones, and you are interested in New York City locations, then you are just in the right place. Here, you will be able to find more about the best New York City suburbs for 2022. Surely, some of them can draw your attention more than others, depending on your preferences and taste. So, we don’t want to keep you waiting – let’s begin.


    First of all, there is Dumbo in Brooklyn. This New York City suburb has many industrial buildings and it is one of the most expensive places in Brooklyn. Moreover, Dumbo is a suburb where many people who are working in the field of techn live. This is because this neighborhood in New York City has a large number of technology firms. If you have in mind moving to this place during winter, then you must know what clothes are appropriate for your relocation. NYC can be really chilly this time of the year.

    Hire professional moving assistance when relocating to one of the best New York City suburbs

    Importantly, when moving to a new place in the Big Apple, you absolutely need professional assistance because of all the crowds and traffic. Moreover, if you are moving with kids, then you cannot think of absolutely everything completely on your own. We strongly advise you to check out This excellent moving company can help you with your residential and commercial relocation, packing process, and piano moving. Furthermore, they have to offer storage services and bin rental as well.

    Kew Gardens Hills

    The second New York City suburb on our list is Kew Gardens Hills in Queens. If you have children, you must know that educational opportunities in this neighborhood are excellent with great public schools and libraries. Moreover, Kew Gardens Hills has private schools and colleges. In case you are considering moving to this place in New York City, you should do everything that is in your power to lower your relocation stress level if you want to move smoothly with no complications at all.

    Homes in Queens.
    Kew Gardens Hills in Queens borough of New York City is a very nice neighborhood for people with kids.

    Scarsdale is one of the best New York City suburbs for 2022

    The third place on our list is Scarsdale. It has elementary schools, middle school, and high school where your kids can go. If you choose to move here and have a fresh start with your loved ones, you should hire the experts familiar with this neighborhood. Also, the people you are hiring should be approachable, reliable, professional, and experienced above everything else. Moreover, you would want to hire professionals who have to offer other services like packing and not only transportation. So, you must do your own research carefully before you decide which company is the right one for you and your family. Also, you can always ask the people you trust to recommend you movers and packers for your relocation to Scarsdale.

    Red Hook

    The fourth location in New York City that is great for moving to in 2022 is Red Hook, a neighborhood in Brooklyn. It has schools, a library, and many very nice apartments. In case you move into a small flat in New York City for starters, you should organize everything well. Luckily, Red Hook is a neighborhood where you can find numerous flats for you and your loved ones. Since you are relocating in the time of the global pandemic, you have to be very careful and keep a social distance, and wear a face mask while moving. Moreover, once you are moving into your new apartment in New York City, you have to clean everything thoroughly before you bring in your belongings.

    Red Hook is one of the best New York City suburbs.
    Red Hook in Brooklyn is a wonderful neighborhood where you can find many beautiful apartments for your family.

    Flatiron is one of the best New York City suburbs that people will be moving to in 2022

    The fifth place that is very popular in 2022 is Flatiron in Manhattan. This neighborhood is very interesting and it has many different stores where big numbers of people love shopping in their free time. If you want to move here soon, you should start organizing your relocation process in the right way, and that is writing everything down in your planner. No matter if it is in the form of a notebook or a digital one on your mobile phone, this step will be very helpful and the majority of people even find it necessary when it comes to moving.

    Flatiron is a neighborhood in the Manhattan borough of New York City and has to offer many excellent things to all people who decide to relocate here with their loved ones.


    The sixth New York City place on our list where many people will be moving in 2022 is Gowanus. This Brooklyn neighborhood has a very urban vibe. Furthermore, it has to offer very nice parks, coffee shops, restaurants and bars to all who come here. Interestingly, Gowanus is a very diverse place that has a very exciting nightlife and many people prefer renting than buying their homes here. The majority of people who are living in this neighborhood are very liberal, and many of them are young professionals. In addition, schools in Gowanus are very good which makes it a nice place where families can move to.


    Finally, to conclude, this article contains some of the best New York City suburbs for 2022. There is Dumbo in Brooklyn, Kew Gardens Hills in Queens, Scarsdale. Moreover, great suburbs are also Red Hook in Brooklyn, Flatiron in Manhattan, and Gowanus, also in Brooklyn. No matter which place in New York City from this list you choose for your new home, you will not regret your decision and your family will absolutely love it.

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