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    A student’s guide to moving to NJ

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    A student’s guide to moving to NJ

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    Moving as a student and changing an environment is exciting, but at the same time, emotional and hard. College life is one of the best experiences in life, but until you get that experience, you need to take the first steps. And that means to prepare for moving properly. If you want to get your education in New Jersey, explore this state before you go there. Moving to NJ for education requires preparations, and that’s why you need a guide. 

    Start your new life stress-free. Ask for help and look for tips and tricks from people that moved before for college.

    A student.

    Be prepared for a life as a student in NJ

    Colleges in New Jersey

    If you didn’t choose the college in NJ yet, here is the list of some of the best schools in this state. The variety is huge,  so set your priorities, what you want to be in the future? An economist, artist, engineer, etc. And of course, what is your budget for education (if you don’t have a scholarship, you will pay for school). New Jersey has 59 colleges, explore some of them.

    • Princeton University
    • Stevens Institute of Technology
    • Rutgers University-New Brunswick
    • The college of New Jersey
    • Raritan Valley Community College
    • Rutgers University-Newark
    • Seton Hall University
    • New Jersey Insitute of Technology
    • Drew University
    A building in Jersey City.

    Choose a perfect place to live as a student in NJ

    How to pack for college?

    Even if you are moving locally, you will need to pack. Making a checklist for moving to NJ as a student will help you pack like a pro and you will not forget anything.

    Packing your wardrobe

    The first thing on your mind is a wardrobe and what clothing to pack. Keep in mind that dorm rooms are small, as well as a storage space (if you will live in a dorm). Most of your boxes will be with clothing because you will need summer and winter clothing too, so hire NJ professionals can help you move into your dorm. Most students move clothes suited to the season. When the season is changing, they are going back home for different clothing.

    Pack clothing that is suitable for school. Jeans, jackets, tops that match your bottoms, shoes, accessories, etc. Remember, less is more. For New Jersey, you will need clothing for snow and very low temperatures as well as summer clothing.

    Packing bed and bath essentials

    You need to pack your own bathroom items such as shampoo, robe, towels, slippers, toothbrush, soap, etc. Most colleges don’t have personal bathrooms, so be prepared to share a bathroom with other students on the floor. When it comes to bedding, pack 2-3 bedding sets. While one is washing, you will use the other one. Unpack these items immediately after entering the room, you will need them.

    College dorm rooms in NJ.

    Dorm rooms are usually very small, so don’t bring too many items

    Packing room supplies

    The best is to talk to your roommate and to make a plan who will bring what. You don’t need 2 coffee makers or 2 toasters. Discuss it together. TV, stereo, mini-fridge, iron, etc. But, before you pack any appliances, check if there are any restrictions. Also, pack kitchen utensils and room supplies that make life easier such as long TV cable, first aid kit, screws.

    Moving companies for students

    After accepting the acceptance letter from a school, start to think about how you will transport your items, not only how to pack them. Moving items from your home to New Jersey is not simple, especially if it is a long-distance move.

    Find movers that can help you with student relocation, such as Moving of America – NJ Movers. You won’t move your entire room, but, you will have boxes. You probably don’t have experience in moving, and definitely not in driving a van. So, this is the safest solution. Also, some of the companies may offer you storage solutions

    How to adjust after moving to NJ for education?

    After arriving in NJ, it is time to make friends and to adjust to a new life. Probably you will get a feeling that everyone is doing great, but every freshman is confused and lost at the beginning.

    The first thing to do is to unpack and decorate your new small dorm room. Get ideas for small apartment designs and make a little heaven for studying where you can be concentrated. After that, start exploring and adjusting to a new college life.

    • Don’t skip lectures because there you will meet most of the students, and of course, learn something.
    • Use moving to NJ to try new things and to get new experiences. Try new hobbies and sports, it is a great way to meet new people.
    • Mistakes are normal, embrace them and learn from them. Don’t quit immediately after the first failure.
    • Organize study groups, it is much easier to have somebody to study with.
    • Do you know how to study? Maybe it sounds ridiculous, but you should really know how to study.
    • You will feel homesickness during college. If you are far away from New Jersey, use a video chat until you can visit your family.
    • Set new goals, for example, to learn a new language. Always upgrade yourself.
    • Set a budget and try to follow it. If your budget is tight, look for a job for students. Part-time jobs on the campus or figure something else.
    • Use student discounts on trips, theaters, movies, clothing stores, etc.
    Students studying together.

    Organize a group to study with. Sometimes it is easier, especially if you don’t understand a subject


    Moving to NJ to get your education and to work on yourself is great, but as you can see, you should be prepared. Life as a student is special, fun, and exciting, but remember – you are there to study. Have fun only if you have time after lectures and studying. New Jersey has a lot to offer, and visit cities around NJ too, such as NYC.


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