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    6 reasons why New Yorkers are moving to New Jersey

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    6 reasons why New Yorkers are moving to New Jersey

    Have you ever stopped and thought to yourself “What are the reasons why New Yorkers are moving to New Jersey?“. Well, today we will present to you six of the most common ones. Aside from these, there are many more. However, we think that the listed ones are more than enough to convince anyone who is looking to leave NY for NJ. Of course, there is also an abundance of places to consider if you are moving to NJ. So, be sure to do your due diligence before you decide to jump on board the train and leave NY for good. So, let’s get started with the topic at hand.

    Lower taxes – first among the many reasons why New Yorkers are moving to New Jersey

    Who doesn’t love to pay less tax, right? Well, if you decide to move to New Jersey from New York, you will be able to achieve just that. Also, if you go over to you can find some good deals that will help you get one step closer to lower taxes. If you are looking for some concrete figures, an example is the sales tax. While the sales tax in New York is 8.5%, you will find that the same tax in NJ is just 3.5%. What’s even better, there is no sales tax on clothes. Yes, you read it correctly. You can afford to buy that Gucci shirt you wanted, but couldn’t afford it in NY. But, if Gucci is not your thing, just imagine the kind of shopping opportunities you will get after you move to New Jersey.

    Lower taxes are one of the main reasons why New Yorkers are moving to New Jersey.

    If you want lower taxes with the same NY quality of life, opt for NJ.

    Aside from taxes, you will also benefit from the considerably lower cost of living. For example, a monthly metro card in NY costs around $120. On the other hand, the monthly path card costs around $90 in NJ. That amounts to $360 annually that you save up only in transportation. This kind of money can be better spent – shopping for clothes for example.

    More affordable renting is the second of many reasons 

    Unless you are living under a rock for the past century, you already know that NYC is one of the most expensive cities to live in. Not only in the U.S. but in the world. But, a few miles to the southwest and you will find Jersey City. A great place, very similar to New York City, but much less expensive. So, if you decide to settle in here be sure to get to know it before you go on and sign the moving contract.

    Renting a home is more affordable.

    You don’t have to break the bank to pay the rent.

    Let’s talk about some numbers. So, in the past 20 or so years, the rent in NY has gone dramatically up. For instance, in 2000, the cost of rent per square foot in NY was $350. A little over 15 years after, the price per square foot has increased by more than 400%. In the same timeframe, the price in NJ rose just about 5% and hovers at around $170. That means that you can rent a luxury apartment in Jersey City for the same amount of money needed to rent an ordinary apartment in NYC.

    One of the peaceful reasons why New Yorkers are moving to New Jersey

    Believe it or not, New Yorkers are tired of the pace of life in the Big Apple. They simply want a more peaceful life without the big city hassle. Even though NJ is as modern as New York, it is considerably more peaceful and quiet. This is especially appealing for students moving to New Jersey since they can focus on studying without being disturbed by traffic noises and other distractions. The overall atmosphere of NJ is relaxed and much more pleasant. When you combine that with the fact that the cost of living is lower, you get your answer to the question of why this is the case for NJ.

    You can finally afford to have a car!

    This is one of the stronger reasons why New Yorkers are moving to New Jersey. Since there is always a crowd of people on the streets of NYC, it is becoming ever more difficult to drive. We don’t even have to mention the cost of owning a car, let alone the gas and garage bill. For example, garage space can cost you anywhere from $250 to $500 monthly. Maybe even more. Add to that another $80 for insurance and gas (also monthly). All of that equals a sum of up to $700 a month, just to drive from point A to point B. If you compare that to the situation in NJ where you can park on various driveways for free and you’ll get the picture.

    You can drive again.

    Finally, you will be able to drive without spending a fortune on it!

    Of course, moving across the state can be easy when you have so many parking opportunities. That is why so many New Yorkers tend to move to NJ.

    Another one of the reasons why New Yorkers are moving to New Jersey – transportation

    Earlier we mentioned the affordability of transportation in NJ. But, what we didn’t mention is the PATH train. Citizens in New Jersey mostly use this type of transportation since it only costs around $3 per trip to travel between states. Additionally, a bus ticket will cost you around $1.5 per trip. When you add to that the fact that you will need around 30 to 60 minutes to get to work if you are traveling from NJ to NY, you see why this is a great pro for moving to New Jersey.

    Just to give you an idea of the scale of time you will end up saving this way, we want to illustrate how many miles you can travel in the same timeframe in which New Yorkers travel to work. So, you can cover half the distance from NYC to Hartford, Connecticut in the time that New Yorkers need to get to work. When you consider the time it takes to get home from work, you can make the whole trip to Hartford from NYC.

    Last but not least, NJ offers you an escape from the city 

    Again, as we mentioned earlier, New Jersey in comparison to New York offers much a much more peaceful environment. That is one of the reasons people with kids prefer NJ over NY. To put it simply, in NJ you can easily go and chill on the beach after work. You will be away from traffic, tourists, and all the hurry and stress around you. Jersey Shore and Seaside Heights are some of the most favorite places to relax. And don’t worry, restaurants are abundant and come at much more affordable prices. In fact, to go to a deluxe restaurant, you don’t need a ton of money.

    All in all, New Jersey has everything that New York has, but at a much more affordable price and without the city-stress. And if we had to compress all of the aforementioned things into one, this would it. So, enjoy your move and new life in NJ!

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