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    6 NYC landmarks Floridians should pay a visit to

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    6 NYC landmarks Floridians should pay a visit to

    Whether visiting or moving to NYC there are many things to see and experience. This very old and great city does not have a shortage of things to visit and get a taste of. It is a place of many different places, spots, and attractions to visit. Both New Yorkers and newcomers from other places find them interesting. From great parks, museums, and historical venues New York has it all. Any great guide for experiencing New York must have a list of NYC attractions to visit here. However, choosing only NYC landmarks Floridians should pay a visit to that will represent this great city can be tough. So let’s try to list the most interesting ones.

    NYC landmarks

    New York is one of the greatest and most recognizable cities in the world. It has a rich history and a diverse population. It is a place of great scenery and views. New York is also a place that has many iconic landmarks to pay attention to. The city is well known as one of the greatest cities. However, it is also well known and recognized for the many landmarks that give it character.

    Central park is just one of 6 NYC landmarks to visit
    Central Park is a green oasis of NYC

    We all know New York from movies but knowing the city means living in it. So once you move here with the help of try to get to know the city. As a Floridian, you should try to adapt faster by visiting the most famous landmarks of New York. It is clear that there are many and that it’s almost impossible to visit them all. So if you are moving in from Florida let’s try to shorten the list to 6 NYC landmarks Floridians should pay a visit to and experience:

    • Statue of Librety
    • One World Observatory
    • Empire State building
    • Brooklyn Bridge
    • Central Park
    • Grand Central Station

    Statue of Librety

    The statue was a present from France and has immediately become a staple of New York. This is the best-known attraction and landmark of New York. Furthermore, it is a symbol of the United States. As one of the first sights of migrants coming to the free US, it is a synonym of freedom and pride. Together with Eliss Island which accepted and processed millions of immigrants, it is a unique tourist attraction. These locations are visited by millions of visitors each year. You can also take a ferry to visit both locations in a day. You can climb to the top of Lady Liberty and also see the great hall in the Ellis Island Immigration Museum.

    One World Observatory

    Located in the September 11 memorial the observatory was opened in 2015. The observatory gives you a unique view of New York from the tallest building in the Western Hemisphere. You can take one of 5 elevators up the building and experience the development of NYC through time. The observatory allows you a glimpse into the building of the city from the 1500s till today through a number of video screens. This location offers a first-class view of the city and provides a special feeling and look at the city development.

    Brooklyn Bridge
    A well known and most instagramable landmark of New York

    Empire State building

    Empire State Building is probably one of the most iconic places in the world. The building offers a 360-degree look at the city. You can even see New Jersey and Long Island. The place is made for tourists and offers everything you need. The lines to climb up may be long and it takes time but the wait is worth it.

    Brooklyn Bridge

    Opened in the late 19 century Brooklyn Bridge became an immediate attraction. It was the longest suspension bridge at the time and it connected Brookly with the rest of New York. Today it is the most famous bridge in New York and a place to capture the views of the city. This is a must-see destination as it is a great architectural landmark. It also offers a unique solution for the transfer of pedestrianism, vehicles, and bicycles. At the same time, it offers a great, Instagram-friendly view of Manhattan, being one of the NYC landmarks Floridians should pay a visit to. If you are moving here out of state experts will offer a quick transfer of your items to your new place in the city.

    Central Park

    Although New York is a concrete jungle it also has a green oasis in Central Park in Manhattan. It is a haven that is made up of lakes, bridges, and fountains. It is a green oasis in this wast city offering a quiet downtime. You can enjoy nature here and let the children play in many playgrounds. There is also a Central Park Zoo and a carousel to enjoy. You can also take advantage of sailboats and a skating rink. This is a place of rest and relaxation which may be necessary for Floridians that move to New York. Spending time here might be one of the best solutions to reducing stress in the big city.

    Grand Central Station

    Located in the old Tudor City Grand Central Station or terminal is one of the greatest landmarks and attractions in New York. This transportation hub was built in 1900 as a result of the rising transportations needs of the great city that New York was becoming. Even today this place services almost 82 million commuters a year. the station is an architectural marvel with majestic walls, tall ceilings, and great old chandeliers. It is also a great transportation hub that offers many transportation options for moving through the city. In this way, this landmark can become a part of your interstate move from Florida to NYC and help out your interstate movers if needed.

    Grand Central Terminal is one of NYC landmarks Floridians should pay a visit to
    This station is one of the architectural marvels that adorns NYC

    Be aware that you are stepping into a new world. Although you can make a fast and efficient move here with reliable people to help you out and handle this process the adaptation is up to you. So research this great city and make it your own.

    Once you decide to make a move from Florida to New York

    To do so try to visit as many of the attractions of New York. But do not forget to take a look and experience at least these NYC landmarks Floridians should pay a visit to listed here.

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