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    6 benefits of moving from NYC to Jersey City with your family

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    6 benefits of moving from NYC to Jersey City with your family

    New York City is known as the most coveted place to visit or live in. This true world metropolis is best known for its culture, arts, and fast passed lifestyle. Its gleaming lights and well know lifestyle make it one of the best-known places in the world. However, the reality of living here can be offputting. Many people find living in NYC a bit challenging and expensive. Many however love working there but prefer a slower lifestyle. This is where NJ comes into play. As a fresh alternative, today people identify Jersey City. So, let’s take a look at the benefits of moving from NYC to Jersey City with your family.

    New Jersey

    Well, a good alternative to overpriced New York is New Jersey. It’s just a hop across the river away. Any work opportunity is easy to reach and you can enjoy the best of both worlds. The hectic pace of Manhattan and the suburban feel of New Jersey. As the state is getting more popular so are the cities in it. Jersey City in particular had rapid growth.

    Jersey City from the air
    This is a place that offers a small-town feel

    The reason is clear, it is perfectly placed and easily accessible. Both renters and property buyers with families are seeking refuge here. This led to a rapid expansion ad development of Jersey City. Affordable cond complexes and rental buildings had a rapid increase. The city also rapidly developed many restaurants, bars, and shopping facilities. All of this development made Jersey City extremely attractive to new Yorkers trying to find a better alternative. Of course, you must do your research beforehand when deciding to move here. This research will help you find the right reason for moving here.

    The main benefits of moving from NYC to Jersey City with your family that you can experience are:

    • Small town feel
    • Commute time
    • Affordability
    • Scenery
    • Education
    • Job Opportunities

    Small town feel

    Jersey City is very urban but it has a particular charm. It is a city that offers quiet streets and a much slower pace of life than NYC. This is one of the predominant reasons for New Yorkers to decide on a move here. With less than 300000 inhabitants this city offers a much more peaceful existence than NYC with millions of residents. Thi fact is the key to why jersey City provides a small-town feel. This relatively small community nurtures close relations and fosters close-knit community standards. All of this adds to the charm of the city making it coveted by New Yorkers looking to escape the rush and hectic lifestyle of New York.

    Commute time

    Moving to Jersey city is not the reason to quit your job in the city. You only have to cross the Hudson to reach Manhattan which is the biggest business center in the US. Jersey City is at arm’s length so you can exploit this fact. The commute to Manhattan is easy and fast. You can choose the bridge or travel by ferry. You certainly won’t need a car for this commute so you can relax. In this way, you can have the best of both. You have the convenience of living in a comfortable small-town atmosphere and at the same time working in the business hub of the world. But that is not all. You can easily reach Syracuse, Boston, Pittsburg, or DC and do a bit of exploring if you like.

    Railroad terminal as Jersey City is very well connected, a great benefits of moving from NYC to Jersey City with your family
    The commute to NYC is simple and fast

    Job Opportunities

    Jersey city offers plenty of great job opportunities. Goldman Sachs and PriceWaterhouseCoopers both have their offices here. In addition, the economy of the city is booming. This inherently leads to an increase in the demand for a skilled workforce. So, it’s easy to find a job here. Jersey CVity offers some great career opportunities you can exploit. Besides having many global companies located here the city is also home to smaller businesses and Nonprofit organizations. All of these are factors that influence people moving here. Local movers in Jersey City like Ample Moving New Jersey are keeping busy with all of the demand for moving here.


    Jersey City as well as the rest of the state offers some of the best scenery you can find. It is a contrast to neighboring New York. From mountains to the beachfront you can see and experience everything here. Mountains are breathtaking all year round. The coastline is a mecca during the summer months. Clear blue skies and pristine nature are great for many outdoor activities. You can go skiing, hiking, birdwatching, biking, or camping or indulge in some other outdoor adventure. Jersey City provides everything you might need.


    The state of New Jersey is known for its great schooling system Jersey City is no exception. It offers highly ranked schools that are great for families with children. School districts and a very high graduation rate are what’s important for families moving here. So one of the benefits of moving from NYC to Jersey City with your family is the fact that you can provide a top-notch education for your children.

    Old building
    Jersey City is great for families with children as it has great schools to offer


    It might seem strange to say that Jersey and Jersey City are affordable when the fact is that they are among the most expensive places in the US. However, in comparison to NYC, Jersey City is extremely affordable. Home prices and rent are at a considerably lower level. The overall cost of living here is also much lower. These are the main reasons for people to try and move out of NYC and into NJ. Many growing families find it too expensive to live in New York, among other things, so they seek alternatives. Jersey City offers a health solution to this problem as a more affordable housing destination.

    To conclude on Jersey City

    Jersey City is a great and affordable compromise to New York City. It is affordable and close to the business hub of New York. At the same time, it offers a lot to families too. So, make your research. You will find many benefits of moving from NYC to Jersey City with your family that will draw you in. They will be a deciding factor for your relocation.

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