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    5 Serious mistakes people usually make when moving alone

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    5 Serious mistakes people usually make when moving alone

    Moving isn’t an easy task and you probably already know it or you’ve heard it plenty of times. But it is true, moving isn’t easy. There are plenty of things that need to be done and everything has to be done the right way so nothing goes wrong. But a lot of the times, things do go wrong. And usually, it is when people decide to move alone. Moving alone means moving without professional help. Professional help are packers and movers whose job is to relocate homes. And as you’ve probably moved only once or twice or maybe not at all, you don’t know certain things about moving that they do. There are plenty of mistakes people usually make when moving alone and these mistakes could sometimes even be dangerous for your health. So, if you are planning on moving on your own soon, make sure you keep on reading this article. This is where you’ll find the five most common mistakes that people usually make when moving alone and you’ll know what not to do.

    1. Not having enough time for packing

    Packing for a move is a long and tough process. It takes a lot of time and energy out of your day. To be exact, it takes a lot of time out of a couple of days. Depending on how big your home is, packing can last up to a few days. It also depends on your packing technique. If you don’t have a good packing technique, you won’t finish packing in a day for sure. And a lot of people believe that packing for a move can be done in a day. This isn’t true and if you do want to pack in this short period of time, you have to be a true professional or live in a small home.

    An hourglass.

    Packing takes a lot of time.

    So, if you will be moving soon, make sure you slowly start packing a week before the move. This will give you enough time to pack properly and to go through all of your belongings thoroughly. But have in mind that hiring professionals packers is always a good idea. Sure, it is a pricey thing to do but it does relieve a lot of tasks off your back. And if you are planning to save some money and time on your move, start packing a week earlier.

    2. Not labeling boxes

    If you have been reading moving tips, you probably noticed that everyone mentions labeling boxes and how important it is. And we completely agree. Not labeling your boxes is a serious mistake and it is one of the mistakes people usually make when moving alone. Have in mind that labeling is both helpful to you and your movers if you end up hiring them. If you don’t label your boxes, you won’t know which box is which. You won’t know what is inside. This means that once it is time to unpack, you will have to open all your boxes and see what’s inside so you can unpack properly.

    A label on a box packed for a move.

    Properly label all your boxes.

    The worst part about not labeling boxes is the fact that your movers won’t know where to put the boxes. This means that all your belongings will be placed randomly. This is only going to make unpacking last a lot longer. You will also have to rearrange the boxes yourself which could lead to injuries. Carrying boxes isn’t easy and it can be dangerous for your health if you aren’t careful enough. This is a mistake people who are moving for the first time usually make.

    3. Not decluttering while packing

    So, you have to start packing at least a few days before the move and you have to remember to label your boxes. But you also have to declutter your home while you are packing. Keeping unwanted items that you don’t need or use ever is a bad idea. This is only going to make your move cost a lot more. How come? Well, you will end up using more packing supplies. Plus, the cost of your move if moving with movers is calculated by the amount of the things you are moving and the distance you are moving. Don’t make this mistake, declutter your home.

    4. Not measuring

    This is such a logical thing to do yet a lot of people make this mistake. Not measuring your furniture and boxes and seeing if they can fit through the door is a huge mistake. A lot of times, people can’t fit something into their new home or they can’t take it out. This is when you have to take out the time and disassemble everything. And this is what is going to make your move last a lot longer. So, make sure you measure everything and you disassemble everything before moving day. Measure the rooms in your new home too.

    A ruler, a pencil. a rubber, and a razor.

    Measure everything before moving day.

    5. Not asking for help

    Moving is a tough task. It requires a lot of physical activity and it can be harmful to your health. Especially when you are moving alone. But you definitely shouldn’t do everything all by yourself. It isn’t even possible to do everything by yourself. You are definitely going to need a helping hand. You don’t have to hire professional movers, even though that is advised. Simply ask your friends and family for some help when moving day comes. Lifting heavy furniture is impossible when you are all alone even if you disassembled it. But it is always best to hire professionals who know how to handle heavy and bulky items. Hiring movers can also speed up your move.

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