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    5 reasons to leave NYC for Austin this year

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    5 reasons to leave NYC for Austin this year

    New York is the most amazing city, and yet there are plenty of reasons to leave NYC for Austin this year. Don’t worry, there is nothing wrong with NYC and we are not telling you to pack your bags and leave. But this city is not perfect for everyone. Not everyone can handle the nice, the hassle, and the prices. People that have been living and working there usually decide to move as soon as they retire. Also, many people like to find a more peaceful place to raise their kids somewhere safer. Austin can be a perfect place, so let’s check it out a bit more together.

    Prices are the first reason to leave NYC for Austin

    There is no reason to tell you about high prices that you have to pay in order to live in NYC. This city is simply very expensive because its so popular, the demand is high and there is no room for everyone. Try finding a good and affordable apartment in NYC. It’s impossible. Costs of living are one reason why people tend to leave NYC for Austin. There is no lack of real estate there and prices are nowhere near the NYC. Austin is not one of the cheapest places (because they also have high standards and high wages here) you will find but compared to NYC its reasonable. For example the median home is $369,000. Grocery prices are close to national average. So, that is quite convenient.

    Texas is cheaper than NY and thats why people decide to leave NYC for Austin.
    Texas as a state is cheaper than New York. The same goes if you compare the two capitals.

    Enjoying retirement

    Yet another reason to leave NYC for Austin – retirement. Many New Yorkers simply relocate for their retirement and Austin can be a really good place for this part of your life. There is plenty of retirement homes to choose from there too! Also, there is no harsh winter in Texas, and people are friendlier. There is plenty of suburban parts of Austin where you can find a nice place for yo and enjoy your hot weather. Maybe even get a pool for full enjoyment.

    Austin is a nice and peaceful place

    Austin is also a capital city, but there is a big difference when you compare it to NYC. Especially when you compare crime rates. Recently (and for a third time in a row) Austin was voted the number one place to live in the USA. The decision was based on affordability, job prospects and quality of life. So, as you can see there are many perks of living in Austin.

    Raising a family and schools here

    Since this is the capital city, you get the best public schools, along with a very urban atmosphere and many perks of capital city. But, you still have where to park your car. It might be a good thing to choose more suburban part of Austin if you are raising kids but if you want to be near the best schools that choose the neighborhood by the proximity of schools.

    Is it time to leave NYC for Austin?

    If you have ever asked your self this question, than the answer is yes. You wont be loosing much, you will be still living in the big capital but there wont be as much noise and you will be able to find a good place for you and your family for a reasonable price. As we once mentioned, in here its easy to find house or an appartment.

    moving boxes - packing
    If you find yourself asking this question, than its time to start packing.

    Moving to Austin

    When the time comes to leave NYC for Austin you will have a lot of work ahead of you. Relocations can get quite overwhealming especialy with all that packing, planing, logistics and not to mention heavy lifiting. If you add kids to this mix it can get quite chaotic but dont worry this wont last forever. The sooner you start with planning the better you will be off, especialy with packing. That can take a lot of time especialy if you have a lot of household items. All of this is the reason why people usualy decide to hire proffesional movers like to help them out since this is not easy job.

    The extra help

    Experienced teams can handle everything even when it comes to settling in and unpacking. You see this is the time when you need help the most and thats why its smart to call local movers to help you out. Unpacking can take even longer than packing since now you dont have a deadline, and that is the worst. That means you are prolonging settling in. You need to unpack as soon as possible so you can start with your new life here. Movers can help you do it in no time. Than you can decorate your new place to your liking and maybe even have new friends over when you meet your new friendly neighbors. Make sure to find some new friends nearby that will make you feel better since you will surely be missing your old friends from back home.

    Moving crew packing those who want to leave NYC for Austin.
    Proffesional movers can help you a lot along the way.

    If you get homesick and miss NYC

    If you leave NYC for Austin you will surely feel homesick at the beginning. That is normal feeling and quite natural. NYC is a great city and a lot of your friends are still there. But, luckily nowadays thanks to all this modern technology you can stay in touch like you never left. Another good thing – airplane tickets are not very expansive so you can visit each other from time to time. So, that wont be a problem. The more you get to know your new neighborhood, new neighbors and personalize your new place the less you will feel homesick. Austin will become your new home. Maybe you even get into that famous southern food, its nothing like food you are used to in New York.

    Good luck!

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