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    4 reasons why New Yorkers are moving to Florida

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    4 reasons why New Yorkers are moving to Florida

    New York is an amazing place. It’s one of the hottest places on the planet, and so many people want to live here. However, some NYC residents want a change. There are a lot of New Yorkers who decided to relocate to the Sunshine State. But, why? Well, if you’re thinking about it, too, this is the right article for you. Let’s find out the main four reasons why New Yorkers are moving to Florida and getting away from the Big Apple.

    No more harsh winters

    Having four seasons is great, but very often NYC winter is too cold and tiring. After living in the Big Apple for a while, people want to get away from cold and windy months and enjoy endless summer. Florida is known for amazing weather and cities where you can take joy in beach activities all year long. This is very attractive for New Yorkers who love the vacation-like lifestyle Florida provides.

    Remember: even if you decide to leave New York during winter, you shouldn’t worry about the safety of your relocation. You can be sure that reliable pros will take care of your household items and move your family without any problems. And once you arrive, get ready for all the sunshine!

    a man holding a surf board

    Living close to the beach is probably the main reason why New Yorkers are moving to Florida.


    Reducing living costs is surely one of the most important reasons why New Yorkers are moving to Florida. NYC is a lot more expensive, including almost all aspects of living. In Florida, there’s no state income tax, which will save you from 4% to 8% of NYC taxes. Furthermore, rents, home prices, utilities, and other basic costs are more affordable in Florida. And finally, relocation will not cost a fortune. With Miami Movers For Less, you can get high-quality moving services, and not have to break a bank for it.

    Job opportunities

    Sure, NYC Is the city of opportunities, but the demand for jobs is so high that many people fail to develop their careers. The unemployment rate in Florida is about 3%, compared to about 11% in NYC. Furthermore, the tourism and tech industries are taking over the lead in the Sunshine State, making more opportunities for new residents. That’s why many people decide to leave NYC for a better job, and they often find it in Florida.

    Sports fans love Florida

    NYC has a lot of sports fans among its residents. That’s why they love the sports atmosphere in Florida. Many teams such as Miami Dolphins, Florida Panthers, Inter Miami CF, and others will attract sports fans from all around the country. Watching a game or playing the sport itself is a favorite pastime activity among Florida’s population. That’s why New Yorkers don’t have trouble adjusting after the move and meeting new people – Florida’s friendly and cheerful vibe is welcoming people from all around the world!

    a man playing golf in Florida

    Florida’s residents enjoy playing sports as well as watching the games.

    Ready to move?

    We are sure that these four reasons why New Yorkers are moving to Florida will convince you to relocate, too. Just be sure to plan the relocation well, hire the best quality movers and leave all the winter clothes behind! Florida’s waiting!

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