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    3 reasons why young New Yorkers love Noho

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    3 reasons why young New Yorkers love Noho

    There are plenty of reasons why young New Yorkers love Noho but we singled out the top three. This is mainly because this text cannot be as long as it should be if we listed them all. This area – north of Houston Street or shortly NoHo is an amazing upper-class lower Manhattan area and surely you will love it too.

    This is a perfect spot for young professionals

    The prices in this area might be a bit high. Of course, there is a good reason why the prices are so high here. This is a very high-in-demand area amongst young professionals especially the ones from Chicago so naturally, the prices need to grow because there is a very limited space where new buildings can be built. This place is perfect strategically because some of the best job opportunities are nearby.

    Young professionals in an office happy after reading reasons why young New Yorkers love Noho

    A perfect place for young professionals.

    NoHo might be the best part of lower Manhattan

    Seniors that lived here usually moved the moment they retired. This is not the place for them. It’s too urban and they tend to strive for suburbs and more peaceful areas. That means the younger crew lives here. The whole neighborhood is designed to accommodate that fact. So, you will find some really amazing restaurants, coffee shops, bars, and parks. The parks are very nice and polished. So, if you decide to relocate here you can rely on specialists nearby to help you to move and settle in.

    Cultural scene

    There are many benefits to moving to this area and this is one of them. The cultural scene in this area is one of the reasons why young New Yorkers love Noho. This area is known to be home to many famous artists like Andy Warhol for example. That’s why there are so many amazing galleries nearby. There are plenty of eclectic restaurants too that many artists love to visit even if they don’t live in the area.

    If you think this can be a great place for you

    If you want to live in NoHo, you will need a little bit of help from professionals. Don’t worry, Ben Hur Moving & Storage NYC will be there for you. So, don’t hesitate to call them.

    The history

    This was once (a long time ago) a pretty neglected area. Nowadays this is one of the most desirable Manhattan neighborhoods and very pricy too. From a warehouse district to a very urban place, this place has come a long way and chances are it will be even better soon enough. So, expect for the prices only to grow.

    A man in a warehouse

    It’s hard to imagine this neighborhood as a warehouse area.

    Start looking

    If you are interested in Noho and you think that this will be a great place for you just like it is for so many young New Yorkers, we suggest you start your apartment hunt today. It’s not so easy to find a good yet affordable place there. That means downloading the Zillow app and start looking.

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