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    3 NYC office design trends of 2022

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    3 NYC office design trends of 2022

    If you are moving to a new office or simply want to refresh your current one, we have prepared the three best NYC office design trends for this year for you. It is very smart to change things up in your working environment from time to time. That will motivate you and the people you work with and it can increase your mood and productivity.

    3 NYC office design trends

    New Yorkers are very stylish and many of them want to work in an environment that suits them. If you are just moving to NYC you will need to know this. Here are our top three picks :

    1. Add world some color
    2. Minimalistic
    3. Eclectic
    Colleagues researching NYC office design trends

    It will take some time and research before you decide how to redecorate your office.

    Add world some color

    Many people are sick and tired of all those boring (and grey) offices. That’s why you will see in some modern companies something very different this year – a splash of color. It doesn’t have to be like a circus but adding an accent wall, a nice colorful rug, and maybe a coffee machine in a cool color can completely change everything. Make sure to include some nice flowers in the common room when the spring allows it and let the smell overflow your senses.


    This doesn’t have to be boring at all. It can be very stylish as well. The whole point of this office design trend is to remove all clutter. The main focus is productivity. For this design, we suggest you find an interior designer who can help you to achieve that perfect line between minimal and empty. If you are just moving into your new office you can let experts take care of it and you can focus on settling in and remodeling/decorating your new office. Movers can be a brilliant solution.

    Stylish office design

    Minimalistic can be very stylish.


    This NYC office design trend is hard to explain but you can see it in all chic companies. Especially in the ones that are somehow involved with the fashion industry. Noho is one of the most beloved areas amongst fashionistas this year. For creative people, eclectic design can be a great solution. They thrive when they have a lot of eye-pleasing items that are not necessarily work-related. As you can see it’s important to know what your people will respond well to and then you can decide how you will decorate your office and which one of those NYC office design trends will work best for you.

    Involve the people you work within this decision

    They will be very glad to be included. Ask them what they would like. Take all their notes into consideration and then make a decision. Good luck!

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