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    Monthly Archives : September 2022

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    7 tips for Manhattan newbies

    Regardless of whether you’re a country person at heart or a city kid in the soul. New York City will leave you speechless. The Big Apple is one of the wildest, most exciting, and most stunning cities on earth. And it offers everything you could ever want. Although it is…

    NYC senior’s guide to the most charming places in Virginia

    It seems that today Virginia is gaining popularity among the senior population. This state is proving to be a popular alternative to NYC for the retirement years. It is obvious that in the golden years’ people tend to stay away from the crowds and rush and seek a calmer environment….

    Safest neighborhoods in the Bronx

    Even with the most fabulous apartment rental websites in NYC, finding the ideal Bronx apartment might be difficult. Competition could be fierce, especially during high seasons, because the Bronx is less expensive than adjacent boroughs. Among the most important factors to consider when renting an apartment in the Bronx is…

    Mistakes to avoid as a first-time renter in NYC

    The process of renting an apartment in New York City for the first time is notoriously difficult. There’s always time to hone your skills! This article will show you how to avoid the five most common pitfalls faced by a first-time renter in NYC so you can save money and get…

    Top-rated cities in Florida for NYC seniors

    Florida’s beaches and mild winters have long attracted retirees from colder regions. If you don’t think NYC is a cold region, you haven’t been there during the winter months.  Some of Florida’s major cities have meager housing costs, making it a no-brainer to pack up and head to the Sunshine…