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    Yearly Archives : 2020

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    Redesign Ideas for your Upper Manhattan home-based office

    On December 30, 2020, Posted by , In NYC life, By ,, , With No Comments

    Having an Upper Manhattan home-based office is one of the most amazing things. Living and working in Manhattan is a big plus nowadays as you are able to progress very fast if you are good at what you do. This is one of the best NYC neighborhoods to live in….

    Expanding your business to Chicago – 4 things to consider

    On December 26, 2020, Posted by , In Moving tips, By , With No Comments

    Moving a business or expanding it to a few new offices is not an easy job. Before you start planning this process, there will be a few things to consider. Expanding your business to Chicago will require careful planning of your budget, as well as making a business strategy. This…

    Get ready for relocation from NYC to Kuwait

    Moving from one country to another is never an easy thing. But, when the country you are living in art the moment and the state where you want to move are on different continents, then the whole process can seem very stressful and complicated. However, if you know what you…

    New York family’s guide to Luxembourg – how to adapt to a new lifestyle

    If you are in doubt whether you should move out of New York with your family, we suggest you take a look at this New York family’s guide to Luxembourg. Here you can find out everything about this state and how to adapt to a new lifestyle. Making big changes…

    Plumbing checks to do before moving in

    Moving is often stressful and under the veil of uncertainty. Most people dread moving as they can’t handle stress and feel too anxious about it. If you are moving to a new place it can be even more complex. You tend to worry about the new neighborhood and neighbors. You…

    New Yorker’s guide to Germantown, Tennessee

    On December 8, 2020, Posted by , In Moving tips, By , With No Comments

    Even if New York City is one of the most popular places for living, there are a lot of people who are moving out of this city. They simply get tired of living in a big city and they want to move to a smaller and peaceful environment. One of…

    Reasons why New York is so attractive to Philadelphians

    It’s no secret that people all around the world flock to the Big Apple. It’s the city of opportunities. And when we say opportunities, we don’t only mean business. When living in New York, you have the opportunity to grow your career, but also eat the best food, meet so…

    Things to Ask Your Local Piano Movers Before Hiring Them

    Moving is already a little stressful on its own. Having to plan everything from the timeline, to the packing process, to the moving stage can get a little overwhelming. However, once you do set up a well-structured plan, the rest of the pieces seem to fall in place fairly efficiently….

    Vermont for New York – things to consider before the move

    Vermont and New York are two very different states even though they aren’t so far apart. If thinking about moving from Vermont to New York, you will be moving interstate and have in mind that this type of relocation can be stressful. But there are ways to make moving easier….

    Things you should adapt to if relocating from Saudi Arabia to New York

    A return to your own country is always a welcome decision. Return to the US from abroad may however present a bit of a challenge. If you have been living abroad for a long time and somewhere as exotic as Saudi Arabia you may have a tough time. Adaptation to…