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    Monthly Archives : July 2019

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    Moving to a new home when your kids leave the nest

    Staying in the same home after their children have left can be hard for some parents. Dealing with the new situation is not easy, especially if you consider the role of parenting that has been their main occupation for at least two decades. For that reason, moving to a new…

    How to choose the best NYC borough for you?

    On July 14, 2019, Posted by , In NYC life, By , With No Comments

    Moving to New York City always sounds like a great idea. Basically, you will be living in the center of the world, and with so many diverse people and things, you will feel like you are somewhere else every day. So, choosing the best NYC borough for you is the…

    Why Queens is a great place for families

    Moving with your family requires additional effort and thinking. The reason is that this time, you are not moving by yourself, but you need to consider the needs of all family members. You need to think about a variety of factors rather than just your own interests and lifestyle. However,…

    Staten Island neighborhoods – which one is for you

    On July 9, 2019, Posted by , In NYC life, By , , With No Comments

    Staten Island has 62 neighborhoods you can choose from. But, where to move when you have a lot of options? Living in NYC is exciting and a little bit expensive. But, large cities such as New York is, can offer cheaper options and Staten Island is one of them. We…

    Tips for moving to Texas on a budget

    On July 5, 2019, Posted by , In Storage Tips, By , With No Comments

    Living in Texas can be a great opportunity. Not only that this state is huge, but there are a lot of interesting places where you can find your place and adapt really fast. Still, you need to organize your relocation. If you are looking to save money and to organize…

    Moving from a house to an apartment

    On July 4, 2019, Posted by , In Moving tips, By , , With No Comments

    Moving from a house to an apartment can be considered a downgrading. But, is it really? Living in an apartment has its advantages and some people just love living in a building. If you are moving from a house to an apartment, don’t feel disappointed. On first glance, it really…

    Guide for shipping furniture overseas

    So, you finally decided to move to Hong Kong? It looks so far away, and believe me, it is! Planning a relocation of this size is no piece of cake, but it shouldn’t be too difficult either. With proper guidance, you should be able to organize the move and finish…