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    Northern Virginia is a great place to live, but you are considering moving to New York. New York has a lot of opportunities, especially New York City. However, you do not know if moving to New York is the right decision. We¬†will tell you about the signs that show you’re…

    Top 3 Philadelphia suburbs for NYC seniors

    Sometimes even the best things can be too much. Life in the most attractive city in the world is certainly exciting, but even so, it is quite expected that after a while you will want to experience something else. Especially if you live in New York City whole your life….

    Local moving do’s and don’ts

    Moving locally might sound like an easy task but it isn’t as easy as one would assume. There are plenty of do’s and don’ts when moving locally. And not sticking to them can make moving more stressful. If you do not want to have stressful local moving experience, here is…