Reasons why young New Yorkers are moving to Canada

Independence is such a hard goal to achieve nowadays, although the actual sound of it is a temptation for more and more youngsters aspiring to get life in their own hands. That only partly explains why young New Yorkers are moving to Canada.

Tips for Hong Kong students applying for NYU

Most students dream about finishing at least one year of college abroad. This can mean a new experience, learning about different countries. Also, meeting new people and having different opportunities is great! New York City is a place where young people all around the world want to go. New York…

Is NYC the next stop for Silicon Valley professionals?

In the years following World War II, New York City came to prominence as the art epicenter of the modern world. In other words – NYC replaced Paris as the cultural Mecca of the world. Everything that was happening in the art world since then – first happened in NYC….

Leaving New York for Massachusetts – where to look for a perfect family home

Moving out of NY will be a big change, especially when you have kids. There are so many things to do and consider and one of the first things is to choose a place where to move to. If Massachusetts is your next home, you should know that this state…

Moving from NY to Florida after Retiring

Florida constantly ranks on the top of the board as the highest inbound state. This means that more people are moving into this state than they’re moving out. And the retirees are not the only people drown to Sunshine State. Recent studies have shown that more than a thousand relocations…