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    Tips for negotiating a commercial lease in Financial District

    Financial District is a Manhattan neighborhood that has many office spaces. And because of this, it is an ideal location for your business. However, when renting an office space, there are certain things you should know about. One of them is negotiating a commercial lease in the Financial District, which…

    How To Organize an Eco-Friendly Move

    On October 2, 2021, Posted by , In Moving tips, With No Comments

    During the process of relocation, many plastic bags, moving boxes, tape, and all kinds of wraps are thrown away hurting the environment. If you are the kind of person that cares about our planet, and you want it to be healthy and clean, we have some green tips for you….

    The best NYC neighborhoods to open a fine dining restaurant

    People in your line of business often wonder about the best NYC neighborhoods to open a fine dining restaurant. The truth is – there is none and they all are. We will explain this and show you exactly what we mean and then you can continue your research and opening…

    Top cities in Europe for Expats from NYC

    Let’s take a look together at top cities in Europe for ex-pats from NYC. But first, you need to know something. No city is like New York. Wherever you go, it will be a big change. Especially if you relocate to Europe. The culture is different, the food too. What…

    The complete guide to the pre-move purge

    On September 12, 2021, Posted by , In Moving tips, By , With No Comments

    When you have a plan to change your life and relocate to a new place, you have to do it in the best way possible. Making that move possible will require some steps. You will have to invest your time and energy. Each step is important, but there is something…

    6 tips for Californians who are looking for a house in NYC

    On September 1, 2021, Posted by , In Moving tips, By , , With No Comments

    Looking for a challenge is a part of life. Zone of comfort in a nice place to be, but not for a long time. You will get bored eventually. Getting out of the usual frames of life could be stressful, but every challenge you put in front of you will…

    Guide to the last minute move

    Any type of move takes a substantial period of time. But what happens when you swap 3 weeks, generally needed for packing and prepping up, for 3 days? Can anyone achieve getting ready in less than a week? Our experts from Local Moving New York shared pro tips and tricks for surviving…

    Pack Like a Pro for a Short Notice Move

    Where do you start with a last-minute move? Relocating from point A to point B takes time and lots of organization. In order to pull off a successful short notice move it often takes planning ahead, lots of research, and plenty of efficiencies. With these tips and a few more…

    How to move sustainably in NYC

    Lately, much discussion is centering around the North Pole. It is predicted that Arctic will have been melted by the year 2070. With global warming, climate changes, and everything else going on, we don’t have to leave a large carbon footprint when relocating, do we? The damage has been done,…

    5 reasons why young families are leaving NYC

    Without a doubt, New York City is a great location to raise kids. But, if you are looking for something more peaceful, well, you should think about moving out of this place. Apart from not getting a quieter environment, there are many other reasons why young families are leaving NYC….